EDDM Flyer Printing 6.5×9

6.5 x 9 Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Flyer Printing. http://www.samedayprinting.com/eddm-printing-6-5×9.html EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) is a new marketing program being rolled out by the US Postal Service that enables regular retail businesses to mail at an astounding 16 cents per postcard without even needing to have a mailing address.
Learn more about EDDM : http://www.toponlineprinting.com/direct-mail

This is an awesome new printing service that SameDay Printing is proud to offer through the United States Post Office. If you want to share your direct mail marketing with a local area but don’t want to invest in address lists and postage permits, EDDM is for you. Target a mail route, zip code, neighborhood — even a whole city — for extremely low per-piece rates, and keep your costs down even more when you do your EDDM printing through SameDay Printing!

*We only print your EDDM cards — we don’t mail them for you. For more information and easy step-by-step instructions visit our EDDM how to page.

Orders placed by 12PM Eastern Time are printed same day and are ready for shipping at 6PM Eastern Time.

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