100# Uncoated Cover

An option for rack cards, business cards and bookmarks. This bright white smooth #1 grade cover stock is 14pt in thickness as well as matches the 70# text-weight stock we use for letterhead and envelopes.


VOCs – Printing Terms Glossary

Abbreviation of volatile organic material. Petroleum based chemicals applied in some printing inks and coatings whose high vapor pressure allows easy evaporation into the air.


Overlay proof – Printing Terms Glossary

A process of proof-making whereby the color separations are separately exposed to light sensitive film. Then this film is set in registration with a piece of white paper in the background.


Felt side – Printing Terms Glossary

The smoother side of a sheet in the paper. The rough side of the paper is The wire side. The difference happens in the papermaking process. The differences are terminated when papers are gloss or matte coated.