Blocking – Printing Terms Glossary

When ink or coating causes printed sheets of paper in a pile to stick together, when they are separated that cause a damage. This is usually caused by not enough anti-offset powder or too much ink, and normally ruins the printed task.


24# and 28# Uncoated

This is a standard stock usually used for envelopes, also known as White Wove. The 28# is thicker and heavier than the 24# as well.


Watermark – Printing Terms Glossary

A translucent mark or image, which is embossed during the papermaking process, or printed onto paper that is visible when the paper is held up to the light.


Thermography – Printing Terms Glossary

A printing procedure whereby slow drying ink is used to paper and, while the ink is still wet, is softly dusted with a resinous powder. Then the paper passes through a heat chamber where the powder melts as well as fuses with the ink to produce a raised surface.


Process printing – Printing Terms Glossary

The system where a color image is classified into different color values (magenta, cyan, black and yellow or CMYK) by the use of filters and screens or digitally with a software program and then transferred to printing plates as well as printed on a printing press, reproducing the original color image.