Make-ready – Printing Terms Glossary

Paper that is used in the press set-up process before the printing run actually begins. Or the process of establishing press or bindery equipment to produce a specific product, including setting paper size, image alignment, fold sizes, ink density, etc., In preparation for the actual production run.


Flexography – Printing Terms Glossary

A printing method that uses flexible plates where the image to be published is higher than the non-printing areas. The inked fields are then contacted the material to be printed and transferring the ink from the raised areas to the material. Fast drying inks are normally used in this process. Common purposes are the printing of cans and bottles as well as other non-flat items.


Dithering – Printing Terms Glossary

The process of averaging between pixels of unlike colors. This results in a smoother, blended transition between the edge of two areas rather than a jagged and ‘stair-step’ appearance. Also a method used in ink jet printers where colors are made by mixing colored dots in a randomized pattern.